Yamuna Body Rolling Is Not As New As You Might Think!

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Yamuna Body Rolling is a rediscovered technique to help improve your body alignment and keep you safe and injury free.

woman jumping doing yamuna body rolling technique

What is Yamuna Body Rolling?

Foam rolling has been increasing in popularity rapidly over the past few years. You have likely heard of the numerous benefits it can provide, including scar tissue reduction, improved flexibility, increasing blood circulation, and many more. However, there is a different type of body rolling. One that has shown established health benefits for decades: Yamuna Body Rolling, or YBR for short.

YBR is relatively unknown, but it is quickly gaining followers, especially in the health and wellness circles, because of the massive benefits it offers. While newcomers to body rolling may start out confused or even overwhelmed, they quickly catch on. It’s easy, and the techniques to help your body make sense. Yamuna Body Rolling uses three balls of various sizes. An instructor will lead you and teach you to use the balls to stretch, massage, and roll out different areas of your body, often resulting in euphoric and relaxing feelings.

The strategic movements help your muscles and ligaments align, in ways that can only be produced through the use of the specialized Yamuna balls. A foam roller will roll out muscles across your body in the same way; however, Yamuna balls are three-dimensional and appropriately sized to work different muscles and joints in a way that is specially focused on each specific area.

Where did Yamuna Body Rolling begin?

Yamuna Zake was injured over thirty years ago. Zake turned from traditional orthopedic medicine to acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. She searched for a solution to her pain

for months, but nothing helped. Zake realized she needed to come up with her own system to heal her body and end her pain. The result of her handwork and research is YBR. It’s more than just body rolling and relaxation. The heart of the therapy is injury prevention and working to heal the parts of the body that receive the most wear and tear, and thus experience the most injuries.

The science of YBR has been applied to a variety of movement forms. In Kansas City and in Lawrence, using Yamuna techniques for myofascial release therapy is becoming increasingly popular. From beginner classes to advanced, from full body rolling to hand or foot rolling to facial therapy, Yamuna Body Rolling offers something for everyone, for every need, and for every level. However, as with any therapy or health program, it does take more than just one class to experience the full benefits of the practice.

Are you interest in trying YBR or learning more about Yamuna Body Rolling? If so, give Becky Bridson at Action Potential a call. She is a certified practitioner of Yamuna Body Rolling and the best personal trainer in the Overland Park and Lawrence areas. She can be reached by phone at 785-760-0902 or my email at