Roll Your Way to Health and Wellness with Yamuna Body Rolling

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Yamuna Body Rolling, or YBR, is more than just an exercise program. It is a full body, natural approach to holistic healing and overall wellness. Yamuna therapy uses special balls designed to work specific muscle groups. They can help relieve stiff, tight muscles, increase your range of motion, and stretch and strengthen your muscles in detail. Additionally, YBR will teach your muscles new movements and flexibility and even vitalize your bones. This will benefit your body and create long lasting changes, even more than traditional exercises you may have tried. Below, I will answer a few common questions about Yamuna Body Rolling.

woman on ball doing yamuna body rolling

Who can benefit from YBR?

In short, everyone! Yamuna Body Rolling has numerous applications and benefits that can help anyone from the most stringent wellness aficionado to someone struggling with chronic pain. Regardless of your fitness level, you can use YBR and get results.

Where can I practice YBR?

Yamuna Body Rolling requires a little space and specialized YBR balls. As one of the best personal trainers in Lawrence and Overland Park, I am certified in this type of body rolling therapy. I offer small group and personalized training in the practice both at Studio Alpha in Lawrence and in the comfort of your own home! You can begin to roll out pain and strengthen your body without even having to leave your house.

What are some different types of YBR?

Various methods of Yamuna Body Rolling include body rolling, face rolling, foot fitness, and hand therapy.
Body rolling will help stimulate bone, relax ligaments, stretch tendons, and release and strengthen muscles, among many other great benefits.
Face rolling will help reduce and relieve headaches and migraines, tension from teeth grinding or clenching, sinusitis and allergy issues, TMJ, and many other issues.
Foot fitness will relieve many foot stresses, including plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, bunions, and general foot pain.
Hand therapy can help with issues like arthritis, carpal tunnel, and hand or wrist pain. It can also help to increase strength and flexibility in your hands, wrists, and fingers.

If you are interested in Yamuna Body Rolling or Myofascial release therapy in Lawrence, Overland Park, or Kansas City, call today for more information or to schedule any training or rolling sessions. Becky Bridson, owner of Action Potential, LLC, can be reached by phone at 785-760-0902 or by email at