Calf Balls (Pair)


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These little balls are used as a pair. Yamuna first developed them for runners, cyclists, dancers, and climbers to work their knees, calves, and ankles. You can also use them to roll up both sides of the spine at the same time. Most exciting: they’re our yoga balls. Applying the black balls at tight points of individual tendons and muscles, you can master even the most difficult yoga postures.

When you graduate from learning all the basic lines in Yamuna Body Rolling and you want to work the details in your body, THE BLACK BALLS are for you. The Yamuna® Yoga, Save Your Hips, Save Your Shoulders, Save Your Knee, and Save Your Ankles all use Black balls. It is also recommended to bring these everywhere you travel once you know how to use them correctly. These are more advanced!!!!

WARNING: Do Not Deflate these completely as they can become damaged.

Each ball is approximately 6 inches in diameter.


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