Yamuna Hand Therapy

Heal Your Hands

Yamuna Body Rolling products and methods address the entire body, including hands, feet and face. Many methods and products do not provide therapy to these crucial and perpetually used body parts. Many will use a golf, tennis or lacrosse ball to roll feet especially. Yamuna products are all-inclusive, have been designed specifically for myofascial and soft tissue release in these areas and are more effective than products designed for sports use or any other products on the market today.

Implementing the Hand Wakers and Hand Savers into one’s routine will help alleviate many of the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel, arthritis, tennis elbow as well as overall hand or wrist pain and discomfort. The hand routines help keep the hands, fingers and wrists strong, which in turn helps keep the arms and shoulders strong and flexible.

To learn more, please contact Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner, Becky Bridson. Becky will show you the proper techniques using Yamuna Hand Wakers and Hand Savers to isolate and wake up and save different parts of the hands. These techniques help to build and maintain healthy hand functions and restore strong, flexible and pain-free hands, wrists, arms and shoulders.