I am a Fitness Instructor and teach several classes a week of different types of fitness formats. I also go on daily walks and include some at home exercises. So, I remain very active during the week. I know the importance of self-care and restoration for my body. I include bimonthly massages and epsom salts baths…However, once I discovered Yamuna Ball Rolling, it has brought my self-care to a whole new level! After attending a demo a few months ago, I learned about all kinds of techniques on ball rolling to help relieve pain, improve blood flow, flexibility, with several areas of the body! I’m still learning about ways that Yamuna Ball Rolling can help with any ailment. It’s pretty amazing. I own a few of their products already! Since my work requires my body to move a lot and quickly and in lots of different directions, it can take a toll on my body. I have found that the Purple and Calf Balls work perfectly to help manipulate my hips and lower body to function better, therefore, help me perform better when I teach! I also love the Hand/Foot Waker product. My feet take on a lot, and the Wakers are like a daily massage for them. I’m excited about trying my new facial ball. Although I still do my regular massages, with my Yamuna Balls, I can get in DAILY therapy for my sore body. Now, I crave it! It has truly made a difference in how my body feels. I highly recommend Yamuna Ball Rolling! Thank you so much Action Potential for these amazing products and educating me on proper function of the body and self-care!

Anna Oliver
Group Fitness Instructor

Once Becky introduced me to the magical “Yamuna Body Rolling” I was hooked! I was instantly able to get relief of “problems areas” such as trigger points and tight fascia in my glutes, hips, low back, mid-back, neck and feet with using just the right pressure for just the right amount of time that was right for my body. I tell my patients all the time it is like having a personal massage at home everyday on your own time! I am very physical with my job and have had the occasional bouts of moderate low back pain with referring pain into my glutes, and down the back of my leg. In the evening, I couldn’t wait to go home to use the Yamuna ball, and I will tell anyone that just by simply using the ball on my low back I was able to release trigger points, which within 5 to 10 minutes COMPLETELY relieved the referring pain I had into my glutes and legs.

I recommend the Yamuna balls to my patients with plantar fasciitis, calve tightness or muscle spasms, sciatic symptoms to use to release tight piriformis muscles, low back pain, inflexibility, mid-back pain, headaches and so much more. What I love about the Yamuna Body Rolling products is that they are easy to use, convenient to travel with and can be used in a multi-directional pattern, which someone just can’t do or get with a foam roller.

Stacy Jimenez, D.C. – Shawnee KS
Doctor of Chiropractic, Shawnee KS Vitality Chiropractic and Family Wellness

Becky was recommended to me as a health and wellness specialist, and I kept hearing about some miracle balls (Yamuna Ball Rolling) she worked with that could help my back. I have had back issues since the 9th grade when I wore a Milwaukee brace for 3 years for double scoliosis. Through the years my scoliosis has degenerated my discs causing many other issues including stenosis, spondylitis, and spondylolis. These have all caused extensive nerve pain in my back and legs, muscle pain, and severe arthritis throughout my whole back. All of this is further challenged by other issues caused from successful treatment of breast cancer 7 years ago. I have neuropathy in my hands and feet, severe lymphedema in my left arm (swelling) due to the number of nodes removed in surgeries, and damaged from radiation and chemotherapy during the cancer treatments. I am now in my mid 50s and I have had 8 surgeries in the last 10 years.

I try to be a very active person and love to bike, walk, play tennis, and workout. Becky has helped me tremendously in the last two years to keep my body moving and keep my arthritis under control. The Yamuna Ball Rolling has been a life saver for me. Just a few minutes each day (maybe a bit longer if I am having trouble) and I sleep better, walk easier and the back pain is drastically reduced. My issues will never go away, but Becky has taught me to use the Yamuna Balls to relieve pain, help movement and make me feel so much better. I always pack a couple YBs when I travel and have purchased them along with instructional DVDs as gifts for many of my friends.

Finding Becky and her Yamuna Balls has made a huge impact on my physical and mental well-being. I say a “thank you” to her every time I roll on my balls and am able to continue enjoying the activities in my life that I love.

Mary Dillon – Lawrence, KS
Reading Intervention Specialist/Lover of hiking, biking & tennis/Cancer survivor

I went for an 8-mile run Saturday and 5 miles yesterday. Coupled with the amount of time I spend sitting at a desk most days, my upper back was tight by the end of both runs. Typically I’d try to use a foam roller, but it really doesn’t hit the right spots on the higher part of my back. The Yamuna balls worked fantastically! I have zero tightness. Thank you for introducing me to YBR!

Sam Marten – Lawrence, KS
Cerner IT Specialist

I recently took a class on YBR with Becky Bridson during a Women’s Health weekend. I have severe Osteoarthritis due to overuse and some horse related accidents. I have had 17 surgeries in the past 8 1/2 years and have lots of joint damage and deep Myofascial Restrictions, resulting in chronic pain. I am a Myofascial Release Therapist and give therapies as well as receive therapy and do self-treatment. I was amazed with the results using the YBR. I feel this is a missing link to self-treatment. Within 2 weeks, I have been able to treat and shift my ribs, collarbones and release restrictions under my sternum, thus allowing my shoulders to shift into a more normal alignment. It has relieved a lot of my shoulder pain and increased my range of motion and function. My hips no longer ache, and I am still working on my quads, hamstrings and gastroc muscles to help my knees.

The foot savers have drastically reduced the planter fasciatis pain and deep restrictions that were causing numbness in the balls of my feet.

I continue to use and explore the uses of the Yamuna balls. This self-treatment is reducing my joint pain and is allowing me to increase my activity level to do the things I enjoy and need to do. I am just so excited about the benefits of Yamuna Body Rolling!

Ronda Bolding – Lawrence, KS
Certified Physical Therapist Assistant

I have always struggled with a tight IT band. After 10 marathons and now getting into the Ironman training, I was looking for something to help with my flexibility and recovery. After a hard repeat interval workout on the treadmill, I noticed the local certified trainer, Becky Bridson, at my facility taking a client through a stretching session with a little rubber kickball. I thought there is no way this little ball can do anything for the muscles, especially on a bigger athlete like myself.

I approached Becky, and she explained the dynamics of the Yamuna Ball. I explained the frustration I was experiencing with my IT band and how the foam roller and typical stretching was not producing any relief. She took me through a quick 10-minute session. WOW, was I sold! I instantly put an order in and now have made ball rolling a part of my Ironman workouts. Not only do I use it for my IT band but it works on my neck, back, quads, calves and hamstrings.

In fact, I was so impressed with the results I quickly started using it on my college cross country and track athletes. I have recommended YBR to fellow college coaches and athletes. I can honestly say the Yamuna Ball has saved my career and helped many of my elite college athletes.

Tim Byers – Lawrence, KS
Wellness Center Director and Assistant Cross Country and Track & Field Coach at Ottawa University

I have had the pleasure of taking a couple YBR sessions with Becky. I loved it from go. I love the idea that I can control what is happening and gear it specifically to my body that day. As I have transitioned into a job that has me in a seated position much more than I am used to my body has begun craving this work. I have this deep sense of needing release and being put back into alignment. The spinal roll out does just that for me. It sweeps my entire body and changes me from a sad sitting pelvis to an elongated version that feels so much better!

As someone who cannot tolerate deep tissue work in a massage I think this work is brilliant. It is all over body work at your own pace. It is modifiable to every level and depth. The balls further allow you to adjust the release to your needs. Love the face work, bone stimulation, and abdominal opening work, as well. The science behind the work is genius, but it is so simple that you can feel the work immediately.

As a Pilates instructor, I think every person can benefit greatly from this work. I am personally very excited to work my entire body and see what benefits my clients gain!

Ashley Sandefur – Lawrence, KS
Pilates Instructor

After just one session with Becky and YBR, I knew it was working wonders for me. Training for Ironman World Championship, my body has been taxed to say the least. Becky was extremely helpful in describing what we were working and WHY. The day after our session I set a personal best on my 5+ hour bike ride. I just felt ‘FLUID’. It was amazing. I’ve tried other ‘self massage’ products and nothing has made such a difference than Becky and the YBR. I ordered products immediately and will continue to use the products in my DAILY training regime. I couldn’t recommend enough. Thank you Becky!

Kelly Harvey – Lawrence, KS
Professional Triathlete

I “rolled” (but don’t rock) an average of 5 times per week for the last six months. Most of the time I use the larger ball, concentrating on my buttocks, lower back, hamstrings and thighs. I often roll my forearms, feet and hands on the smaller ball. I feel the Yamuna balls work better than the foam rollers or tennis balls I have tried in the past.

Most years I “ding” my back or hip and have to take some days off. This year, in spite of playing tennis three or four times per week and wade fishing in slippery streams, I did not lose any days to injury in the past several months. I credit this to my use of the Yamuna balls. Rolling seems to alleviate soreness and helps my flexibility. Part of this is due (I think) to the pressure/massage effect of the balls. Part is due to crawling around on the floor in positions I don’t usually take.

For two brief periods this summer I had to do without my 5″ Yamuna ball when I loaned it to friends with back trouble. Both people did something which caused their back muscles to knot up painfully. In both cases they reported relief in a few days.

Dick Wedel – Lawrence, KS
Retired Educator/Tennis Coach

I have been doing YBR for two years now. As a personal trainer, it is important to educate clients in the benefits of myofascial release in some form, and Yamuna’s body balls are my personal favorite, and in my personal opinion the best form. Foam rollers and tiger sticks are fine but with the balls you can really target specific muscles and apply more pressure directly to the target area. In my personal life, I YBR everyday. It has kept me out of the chiropractors office for 2 years now, and I was a frequent visitor at least twice a month. The foot wakers and foot savers are a must. A lot of knee and lower back pain and injury can be traced back to the feet. I am an avid runner and use the savers to relieve runners toe and plantar fasciitis. You can use the balls anywhere, on any muscle and can use them sitting or standing. If there is one magical, cure-all tool for pain it is the Yamuna body balls.

Jake Fritzel – Lawrence, KS
NASM Certified Personal Trainer/Corrective Exercise Specialist

Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) is easy to learn, a revelation to experience, and rewarding in so many ways. YBR is one of the best things I’ve done for my body and my overall fitness as an adult. I sit at a desk all day and tensions and stresses held deeply inside layers of muscles can be found, relieved, and even eliminated through simple application of the principles and practice of YBR. YBR is not aerobic, requires no “athletic ability,” poses no threat or danger in practicing the techniques, can be done in minutes a day, needs no special shoes, outfits, or other specific clothing, and YOU get to control the timing, the duration, and the intensity of any session you choose to begin. Something so beneficial that is this simple to do, and so flexible in its requirements and in its application, is rare in the world of better health and fitness. I’m 64, and while I wish I had known of, and had been practicing, YBR long before now, I’m happy to have found a great instructor at Action Potential who guided me through the easy learning process, answered all my questions, and released me into a healthier future as I continue the practice of Yamuna Body Rolling.

Don Adams – Lawrence, KS
Information Systems Manager

Once I started to do body rolling my dance performance improved tremendously. My partner will attest to that as well. It opened up my body so I could perform at a more elite level. One of the main differences is that my mind is more in tune with my body. Thus, I am very coachable because my body responds quickly to a new idea. Also, I became more grounded and at the same time lighter with better control. Personally, I believe any dancer who takes up Yamuna Body Rolling will find their dancing more fluid and fun than it already is for them. I believe dancing and Yamuna Body Rolling go hand in hand. Happy dancing to all who enjoy it!

Judy Marx – New York
Professional/Amateur Dancer, Retired Educator, CPYBR

As a Wellness Coach I am always looking for different modalities to use for myself and my clients. I heard about Yamuna from a friend and decided to purchase the Total Body Workout with silver ball. At the time I was having some sciatica issues and found that as I followed the program of exercises it had a dramatic and almost immediate positive affect on my sciatica. I wanted to learn more and decided to contact Becky Bridson to give me personal instruction. As I have been working with the balls and the Yamuna program I believe it is helping me continue to live a very active life. The exercises alleviate pain and discomfort in many ways that other programs do not. This weekend I shoveled 13 yards of compost and placed all over my backyard with wheel barrel and shovel. Tonight I plan on using the Yamuna exercises and I can guarantee you that tomorrow I will still be able to wake up and do my usual exercise routine. When working with the balls there are times when you are a little sore, but keep working with them because eventually within a couple of days the body responds and the pain disappears. I highly recommend Yamuna and deeply appreciate Becky’s guidance and coaching!

Shelly Murray – Shawnee, KS
Wellness Coach