Whether you’re a baby boomer, a retiree, a college student, a working professional or anyone who wants to improve their overall health and fitness, we will give you the time, attention and focus needed to help you reach your highest Action Potential.


Welcome to Action Potential

Established in 2005, Action Potential, LLC, provides clients a fun but challenging, succinct but comprehensive, varied but consistent personal training experience. Operating out of Hutton Farms in northwest Lawrence (with an additional location in Overland Park, KS), owner, Becky Bridson, is committed to helping clients achieve and maintain health and fitness goals. Action Potential provides an atypical gym experience, offering clients individualized programming in an exclusive, private locale. Clients train in a quiet environment conducive to learning and accomplishing health and fitness goals.

There are no high-pressure sales and no quick fixes. We will not rush you out the door in order to make room for the next client or lead you to believe goals will be and should be met in a short amount of time.

Action Potential is more than just training. It requires a mind/body commitment to self. Patience, dedication, effort, perseverance, mettle, consistency-qualities required of anyone looking to become leaner and fitter, anyone who wants to reduce stress and improve mood, sleep patterns, level of energy and efficiency, mental acuity, anyone who wants to push themselves beyond what they thought they could ever do and be, anyone who wants to enhance their life.


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Finding Becky and her Yamuna Balls has made a huge impact on my physical and mental well-being. I say a “thank you” to her every time I roll on my balls and am able to continue enjoying the activities in my life that I love.

Mary Dillon

Lover of hiking, biking & tennis
As someone who cannot tolerate deep tissue work in a massage I think this work is brilliant. It is all over body work at your own pace. It is modifiable to every level and depth.

Ashley Sandefur

Pilates Instructor
I continue to use and explore the uses of the Yamuna balls. This self-treatment is reducing my joint pain and is allowing me to increase my activity level to do the things I enjoy and need to do. I am just so excited about the benefits of Yamuna Body Rolling!

Ronda Bolding

Certified Physical Therapist Assistant
After just one session with Becky and YBR, I knew it was working wonders for me. Training for Ironman World Championship, my body has been taxed to say the least. The day after our session I set a personal best on my 5+ hour bike ride. I just felt ‘FLUID’. It was amazing.

Kelly Harvey

Professional Triathlete